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To quote the great Gene Simmons, 
"If you're the greatest, it's ok to say you're the greatest". 
Almost Human is the greatest KISS tribute band you'll ever experience. 
-Sam Cassel, Cassel promotions 

Almost Human is by far one of my fave tribute acts, and one I’ve not only had the pleasure of seeing several times but shared the stage with as well. My various tribute bands have performed with dozens of other tributes over the years and AH are among the best at what they do. Consistently delivering an authentic, early era KISS concert, you definitely do not want to pass up an opportunity to see these guys!! I particularly appreciate their attention to detail in costuming, makeup, authentic instruments, stage show and overall professionalism. That said, we look forward to teaming up with them again in the future! 
-Marco Lago-Ferrari (Dr. Crue - Motley Crue Tribute, Hysteria - Def Leppard Tribute, Nothing’s Shocking - Jane’s Addiction Tribute) 

I've seen a lot of tribute bands.... 
Guys in horrible cheap wigs that don't know how to style them or put them on, that look a bit ridiculous in them... And then play half ass reconstructed tunes from said band they are tributing... 
This was hands down the most amazing show I have ever seen!!! 
Production, Sound, Music, talent, outfits, props, stage antics, crowd pleasing fun, and just all out nailing the tribute full force... Fuc@kin hel! Totally amazing! 
Huge kudos to all the behind the scenes effort that goes into this style of entertainment! Gawd damn!!! 
Almost Human is their name! 
Go see them!!!!!! 
-Rob Butler, RJB photography

You want the best? You got the best! If you like KISS you'll love Almost Human! They look and sound authentic and pay detailed attention to costumes and performance. If you want to Immerse yourself in the KISS experience, you've found it! I hired them many times and highly recommend. I still can't get over Gene spitting blood! Very professional and easy to work with. It's a must see, you'll be glad you did! 
-Dean Zelkovsky