Meet the Band

Almost Human is the West Coast's Premier KISS tribute band. Featuring full costumes, makeup, and all the rock n roll attitude, swagger, and shenanigans that make a real KISS show so electrifying. Almost Human is raising the bar, with choreography, explosions, fire breathing, and a few other tricks in their live show.

"So let's rock and roll all night, and party every day"!

Meet the Band

Joe Dredd


An expert who has been playing Gene Simmons almost as long as Gene Simmons has! (Well, not quite but you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference) 

Paul Orrico


A veteran Seattle guitar shredder that can play an Ace Frehley "smoking guitar" solo note for note with one hand tied behind his back.

Chris Bewick


A force of nature performing as Paul Stanley with his vocal firepower and rock-n-roll swagger whipping up the crowd.

Scott Hunt


A die hard KISS fan who puts on a one man show while capturing the cool, raw essence of The Catman-Peter Criss.